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9:15 AM General Session 1
10:15 AM Breakout 1
11:30 AM Lunch (Chick-Fil-A)
12:15 PM General Session 2
1:15 PM Breakout 2
2:15 PM General Session 3
3:30 PM Dismiss

Breakout Options:

Church Planting/Pastoring  S-101 J.D. Payne
Missions N-202 Nesha Smelley
Worship N-203 Jared Shepard
Age-Graded Ministries S-001  Danielle Bell, Justin Caton, Jeff Gardner, Matt Daniels
Longevity in Ministry N-205 Denis Tanner
Marks of a Healthy Disciple S-111 Scott Guffin
Summer Mission Debrief N-101 Chris Mills

Breakout Descriptions:

All breakouts are in Beeson.

“Age-Graded Ministry Panel Discussion” S-001  Danielle Bell, Justin Caton, Jeff Gardner, Matt Daniels
Age-graded ministries have their own unique challenges. In this session students will hear practical wisdom from leaders who are ministering to kids, youth and college groups.

“Missions” N-202 Nesha Smelley
What does the call to missions look like? This session will help students understand more fully what a call to missions requires.

“Church Planting/Pastoring” S-101 J.D. Payne
Pastoral and church planting ministry is a venture filled with great joys and tremendous
challenges. This breakout is designed for students interested in knowing more about the call to pastoral and church planting ministry.

“Worship Ministry” N-203 Jared Shepard
Worship leader is key to an effective worship experience. In this breakout students will look at ministry through music and other creative arts.

“Marks Of A Healthy Disciple” S-111 Scott Guffin
What is a disciple? Not only do we need to know this for the sake of our ministry, but also for our own walk with Christ. In this session students will examine the biblical marks of a true follower of Jesus.

“Longevity in Ministry” N-205 Denis Tanner
Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint. Students and leaders will hear practical wisdom on how to safeguard their hearts and minds to ensure a long and healthy ministry.

“Summer Mission Debrief” N-101 Chris Mills
 One Mission Student Missionaries will debrief their summer missions experiences.

Day of Map:

Called Day Of 1


Dr. Jim Shaddix

Dr. Jim Shaddix serves as Professor of Preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as a Senior Fellow for the Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership. Jim has pastored churches in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Colorado, and also served as Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, LA. Jim and his wife, Debra, focus much of their attention on discipling and mentoring young leaders and spouses. They have three grown children and ten grandchildren.

Called Day Of 2
Called Day Of 3

Worship Leader

Jared Shepherd

Jared is a worship pastor for college & contemporary services at Calvary Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa, AL, in addition to being a member of the band, Iron City Worship.  He has a heart for raising up the next generation of the Church through worship, teaching, and discipleship. Jared has a background in business management and marketing and is pursuing a Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary to be better equipped to love and serve the Church and continue to raise up leaders through worship and teaching. Jared is married to his wife, Clara, and they have a son, Khyden.