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Boys & Teens

Boys & Teens 2


Royal Ambassadors (RAs) is a Bible-centered, church-based, Southern Baptist mission education organization for boys in grades 1-6 and Challengers is the organization for youth in grades 7-12.

Boys & Teens 3

Kids outdoor

KOZ is an Outdoor Adventure Ministry that provides kids with mentors and direction to become Godly adults.

Boys & Teens 4

1st - 6th Grade
Adventure Weekend

Adventure Weekend is a unique and challenging adventure for boys to experience missions through obstacle course and games.

Boys & Teens 5

K-12th Missions
Adventure Camp

Campers at Missions Adventure Camp leave with a better understanding that they were created for a purpose and that they have a specific role in God's plan for reaching people with the Gospel. Lives are changed each and every summer at WorldSong Missions Place!

Boys & Teens 6


Challengers is the youth mission education organization for young men in grades 7-12. Challengers provides mission training and mission accountability as young men support each other to fulfill their personal commitment to live out and share the gospel.

Boys & Teens 7


In a godless culture, we need to meet some critical needs for our young men. In this one-day event, we will build up teen guys and show them how to find Christ-centered character. Our goal is to rise above society’s confusing messages about “masculinity” and equip young men with a biblical approach to their identity.